12 février 2014

Travel with abyss land a afar ethiopia / Voyage dans la région des Afars

  Danakil depression, one of the lowest and driest place on earth, it is a classical famous inhospitable tectonic depression. The kobar sink with in the dallol depression at the centre of the Danakil depression located -120, this sepectacular depression is coverd by different mineral colors  and volcanic activites, this land is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Ethiopia.         We strongly believe the success of any tour depends heavily on the guides of the tour, it is with this in mind... [Lire la suite]
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12 février 2014

Atypical trip to Ethiopia / Voyage atypique en ethiopie

The land of abyss, far from  the sky and moon, but probaly  much more attractive and easier to access than moon, interms of transport and cost, it  is now open for all visitors, voyage en ethiopie  takes you to this place throught abyss land tour and travel   Salt caravans            
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25 septembre 2013


  ertel at night   Les chutes du Nil passage d'une caravane de sel en Ethiopie  
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12 juillet 2013


Yeha Yeha, the center of the ethio -sabaean kingdom of Di’amat is the oldest major settlement in Ethiopia and it is the site of the country’s most ancient great Temple. The entrance of this temple was equipped originally with 6single stone pillars and 14metre high wall were made of limestone without any mortar. Probably this great temple was built in the 7th century BC and dedicated to the highest deity of saba, the god almoqah . The monumental building grat beal gebri ”administrative center of yeha” is the largest building on the... [Lire la suite]
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09 juin 2013

Voyage en abyssinie du Nord

Programme code ALT12/12 7nuits /8jours L’Abyssinie du nord               Jour 1 - ADDIS ABEBA  Le matin arrivée à Addis Abeba. Visite de la capitale éthiopienne : la cathédrale de la Sainte Trinité, l’une des plus grandes églises orthodoxes du pays où repose le dernier empereur, Haile Selassie, le « Roi des Rois » ; le Musée National, abritant les restes de Lucy, vieille de 3,2 millions d’années ; le  Mercato, le plus grand marché à ciel ouvert d’Afrique. Puis, excursion... [Lire la suite]